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The Suites

The superior suite, the largest, the bridal suite. With bathtub and bathroom in sight. Fireplace. A very warm space that will also be ideal for changing or taking photos. And three more double suites, so that another 6 people can stay there. So you can share breakfast the day after your big day with your closest family or friends.

The Haystack Viewpoint

The front terrace at the Haystack will be an amazing chill out and outdoor area, so that your guests can go out and enjoy themselves.

The Haystack

Attached to La Masia, it is the perfect space for small celebrations or for the final party of your wedding.

Forested Haima

A large diaphanous haima ideal for aperitifs or for banquets. Surrounded by forest and very warm, for those who dream of an outdoor (covered) celebration.

The Little Garden

Our little garden behind the palm trees, intimate and welcoming, where you can receive your guests, celebrate the ceremony or take photographs.

The Palm Trees

A charming garden, surrounded by palm trees, with a swimming pool and pergolas that give it a special touch. It will be the perfect setting for the aperitif of your celebration, offering a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

The Halls of La Masia

Inside the farmhouse there are different rooms, ideal for photo sessions. There is the reception room, the fireplace room, the cellar, the dining room and the living room.

Garden of La Masia

The front garden that stars the Masia. Imagine the reception of your event or your wedding ceremony surrounded by olive trees and a custom decoration.

Els Arcs Hall

With its stone arcades, Els Arcs hall is a diaphanous space that captivates at first sight. It is the ideal setting to celebrate your banquet, combining the elegance of the architecture with the warmth of your event.

La Masia

The Masia is the heart of our estate. Each room and corner will transport you to the past, decorated with love and good taste by Bòbila. You will find such special areas as the hall, the stables, the cellar and the library, all of which have their own unique charm.

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